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The SSSeygus Extrem - Jan Zoethout - 21-10-2016

A little bit later than planned:

The SSSeygus Extrem.
After the initial mild models Seygusrazor now issues models with a wider (0.6 mm) blade gap.
The SSSeygus Extrem is in 2 versions:

[Imagen: otjdCcZ.jpg]

A aluminum anodised (red) model - OC (left) and a titanium model - SB (nickel plated with
teflon coating - right).
Almost traditionally, they are 4-piece razors: the head is 2-piece and the handle is 2-piece.
The handle consists of a (short) aluminum/titanium part and a SS part - it's there for the

The razors "in pieces":

[Imagen: pee2wzj.jpg]

Weights of the individual parts:

Left the aluminum SSSeygus:
Head 14 g
SS part 20 g
Handle 20 g
Total 54 g holes to

Right the titanium SSSeygus:
Head 14 g
SS part 20 g
Handle 25 g
Total 59 g

The titanium SB razor has rather big holes for the "transport" of the lather:

[Imagen: 81pPvyp.jpg]

These holes are 4 mm wide (and very effective).

Attempted to illustrate the differences in blade gap:

[Imagen: vxRAobY.jpg]
[Imagen: jACL32h.jpg]

Below the SSSeygus Extrem OC.

[Imagen: s36Sd6Y.jpg]
[Imagen: x31xFci.jpg]

Below the SSSeygus SB.

Shaved with both Extrems for a couple of weeks - after a short learning period these
razors are terrific - probably more effective than their predecessors .....

Do these razors have any flaws ?
Yes - 1 tiny, tiny flaw: the threaded end of the cap is a tiny bit (a few hundredths of a mm)
too thick.
Inserting and removing the blade needs some attention ...

For the rest: wonderful razors ! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

The SSSeygus Extrem - Useless shaver - 26-10-2016

Jan... at last you get a macho razor!:winky::descojone: