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(21-06-2018, 03:32)Jasjr1970 escribió:
(14-06-2018, 18:52)Alejandro escribió:
(14-06-2018, 17:05)Jasjr1970 escribió: [Imagen: 4VO7Yu4.jpg]

ShaveSmith / Simpson / Mitchell’s

Hi Jasjr1970
Beautiful razor, I love the anvil logo on the tang. I have been reading just a little bit about damascus steel and what I have learned so far is it is very tough but sometimes it does not have the best edge retention. Of course, this depends on the steels used to make the blade, a high carbon content in both steels gives better edge retention.
I would like to know what steels this blade is made of and if you find this razor has good edge retention.

Alejandro I hope you get this message. Here is the makers response:

“My Damascus is made from a high carbon damascus (known properly as pattern welded steel), and I personally select each billet (bar of steel) from my friends here in the USA who handcraft each one. This Damascus steel is an exceptional quality, and after years of working with them, they are the only craftsmen I'll source pattern welded steel from, outside of forging the billet myself. I select each one based upon the proper size and thickness for straight razors, and focus on billets with steel patterns that will make one-of-a-kind straight razors, and match the scales I set them in. The steel blends 1080 and 15N20 steels, and the alloying components differ from each steel creating the patterns you see (over 150 layers). From the billet I source, I personally forge, grind, heat treat (to 60 HRC), and scale each razor, setting the shaving edge on my Escher Barber's Delight hone (a unique quarried hone that gives an outstanding shaving edge). In addition to craft I put into the steel, as well as and quality of the material, I have many trade secrets that I put into the razor which makes them an outstanding showpiece on top of a daily shaver Smile...”

Thanks a lot Joe Jasjr1970 . 15N20 is a steel with 0.75% of carbon and 2% of nickel, this steel resists the acid etch and stays shiny. 1080 has 0.8% of carbon. So after blending both steel the resulting Damascus ends up with around 0.8% of carbon, which is high enough to give good razor blades.
Yo solo sé que no sé nada.
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