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B&M serie "latha" RIP

Pues eso, que se ha anunciado que Barrister and Mann deja de producir la serie latha.

Este es el comunicado::

Even good things must come to an end.
We've had a blast making Latha for the last couple of years. But we at Barrister and Mann feel that it just no longer jives with our direction as a company. We're focusing more and more on fine fragrances, and so Latha has become a bit of an outlier for us.

More than that, production of Latha is no longer sustainable, for a variety of reasons. So, awhile back, the decision was made to supply our retailers with as much stock as they needed, top off our own stores, and then let folks who really enjoy the Latha products order as much as they like before we stop making it.

While we and most of our retailers have stocked up a bit, this is the very last of Latha soap and aftershave that will ever be made. In addition, we will not be offering any unscented products for the foreseeable future, so, once the Latha Unscented that we have is gone, that will be the end of the practice.

We're looking forward to showing off all of the incredibly cool things that we've been working on, so keep your eyes open in the coming months! This is only a new beginning. Thanks to all of you who have enjoyed Latha over the past 2.5 years and for all of your business in the past, present, and future. Good things are coming!

La serie Latha es la mas economica de B&M, el mayor artesano de jabones afeitaders casi sin duda. Yo tengo uno y no esta mal, pero tampoco es para tirar cohetes...

Mas que nada lo traigo por si hay alguien que es fan de algun jabon en concreto de la serie latha, que corra y acapare como si no hubiera un mañana xD



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