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New kid on the block


I'm Jan Zoethout, 69 years old.
Have been wetshaving since the age of about 25 - first with the
incorrect material.
Since May 2014 I shave with DE razor, shaving cream & soap, brush,
and after shave splash & balm.
I have a lot of vintage Gillette 3-piece razors, some other 3-pieces and
since the beginning of this year a SSSeygus :thumbsup:

Will start writing in English, and when I found out how to translate
into Spanish my writings will be in your native tongue :winky:

Hope to learn a lot on this forum.

Met vriendelijk groet,
Jan Zoethout
---- Carpe Diem ----

Bienvenido al foro Jan Zoethout!!

Bienvenido al foro y a esta nueva adicción, Jan.

Welcome to this new forum and addiction,Jan.

La diferencia del Afeitado moderno al tradicional es como viajar por autopista y nacional ,al principio vas más rápido y pagas los peajes y en el segundo vas mas lento pero disfrutamos y apreciamos el viaje.

[SIZE="4"]Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games.
We got everything you want!!

Bienvenido al foro!!
"We are Motörhead...and we play Rock and Roll".

Saludos y se bienvenido al foro.
Yo envidiaba al niño de la Gillette.

Et in Arcadia Ego

Welcome to the forum, Jan, feel at home and share your shaving experiences with us.
(Bienvenido al forum, Jan. Siéntete en casa y comparte tus experiencias de afeitado con nosotros.)
...If you can meet with triumph and disaster,
and treat those two imposters just the same ...

Welkom, Jan! Bienvenido!

Have a warm welcome and feel at home! Very good taste in razors, sir!:thumbsup:

It's my pleasure to introduce you to the rest of the board!

If you need help with your Spanish just tell me!

Estás en tu casa! Un gusto excelente en maquinillas!Clap

Caballeros, es un placer presentaros a Jan! Un tí­o excelente!

Wellcome Jan, bienvenido al foro.
Tanto si piensas que puedes como que no puedes, estas en lo cierto.-Henry Ford.

Hi Jan, bienvenido al foro

Bienvenido al foro.



Welcome to the forum, Jan!
La risa, el amor y el afeitado!

Welcome Jan!!

Thank you very much, gentlemen !
I was given a link to Google translate - wonderful engine ...
But .. I guess Google cannot cope with technical shaving related
terms like "vintage Gillette NEW razor (Long Comb version)" ... :cejas:
So I plan to make a list and ask you to translate it in proper Spanish ...

Don't hurry - I have to think of what to place in that list ... :winky:

BTW: I love the smilies available here ... :thumbsup:
Met vriendelijk groet,
Jan Zoethout
---- Carpe Diem ----

Acero y carne interesante combinación.

Oh - and ...
How do you guys like my avatar ?
It's a genuine black aluminum SSSeygus razor ... :cejas:
Met vriendelijk groet,
Jan Zoethout
---- Carpe Diem ----

Bienvenido al foro !

Welcome to this forum , sir ! Hope you can enjoy your time here and sharpen your Spanish !

El futuro ya no es lo que era

Bienvenido, welcome.

You will enjoy here and maybe you will learn spanish Confusedisi2:

(Disfrutarás aquí­ y quizá aprendas español)

Bienvenido a foroafeitado
El que no se afeita, es porque no quiere!

Welcome on board Jan

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